Season 2, Episode 1

True Beauty

David Todd and his friends hop in a van and head up from San Diego to Death Valley. On their way, they visit several locations in search for True Beauty in God’s creation. During their trip they discover that True Beauty really lies within God’s greatest creation, His people.



In this week’s episode, the Passages crew set out on a road trip to catch sight of something they would normally be too busy or too tired to see: the beauty of a sunrise. This sparked a question in all of them: what is true beauty? Just as the crew didn’t know what they might find on their journey, we too often wonder where true beauty… or value,  is found.

TOPIC: True Beauty

In today’s world, true beauty is often measured by that perfect appearance. And our value, is based on our success. Even though we try to ignore these messages, if we’re honest, we still get caught up judging our worth by what we see in the mirror. Can you relate?  That’s when a catching a sunset can really help, like it helped the Passages crew.

When we take our eyes off ourselves and gaze upon the beauty and majesty of the world around us, we suddenly gain some serious perspective. The beauty we see in nature, like the sunrise, is no accident. It’s not random chance. No, all we see was masterfully created by a perfect Creator who loves us above all He has made. Our value is not wrapped up in our looks, nor our significance in our success. Instead, our worth is tied to the fact that we we’re created and loved by the Lord who wants to connect with us.


Read and reflect on Genesis 1:1-2, 26-28, 31, Psalm 139:13-14, Ephesians 2:10


When is the last time you saw a sunrise? Most of us are so busy or too tired to want to do such a thing, but if you want to try applying this lesson, here’s a suggestion:

  1. Plan a day this week to get up early and watch the sunrise. Watch it from the beach maybe, a mountain, or your backyard. Just somewhere you can see the horizon.
  2. As the sun rises, read over the verses in this devotional thoughtfully. Meditate on the meaning as you look at the sunrise.
  3. Talk to God about how it feels to be made by Him and with such care and purpose.
  4. Keep the Scriptures close by to remind you of your true beauty in Him whenever you struggle with feeling less than valuable. 

To learn more about your true value and worth in Christ, check out The God You May Not Know or 31 Days to Happiness by Dr. David Jeremiah.