Season 1, Episode 3

Brotherly Kindness

David Todd’s entire family comes together in the concrete jungle as they race through the ins and outs of what New York City has to offer. From the underground tunnels of the subway to the breathtaking views from a helicopter high above the iconic city, the siblings experience people that come from every walk of life and discover no matter where you come from, every person is in need of brotherly kindness.



Nothing like a rooftop view of The Big Apple shared with loved ones. Taking it all in, David Todd thought about how cool it was to be a kind brother to his siblings simply by doing things they enjoyed versus just what he wanted to do. In the end, David Todd saw that brotherly-kindness is what we can all show, not just to our family, but to anybody we cross paths with.


While the phrase brotherly kindness is not one we typically have with us in our vocabulary today, its characteristics should be. Brotherly kindness is showing sincere care for another, and for the Jesus-follower, it’s a friendliness that draws people to yourself and Jesus Christ. According to 2 Peter 1:7, brotherly kindness is another trait believers diligently add to their faith. It influences our relationships with those we love and even those we find it difficult to love because of the love first shown to us by Jesus.


Read Ephesians 4:25-32, Proverbs. 19:17


Take a moment. Think. Does anyone come to mind you know who needs some extra help? Brotherly kindness says, “I’m able to do a bit.” This week, find ways to care for someone. Two ways you can do this is through action and words.

  1. Brotherly-loving Actions: Volunteer your time and offer your help for a neighbor, someone close to you, or at your church. Or look up a local shelter and help care for homeless, shut-ins, or elderly in a rest home. You won’t have to look far to find one person who needs a helping hand.
  2. Brotherly-loving Words: Today, find somebody and let them know they are killing it! Start by asking yourself who do you know who could use a word of encouragement? Send those awesome words! Call, email, text, visit in person, whatever you want to do. People will be blessed for sure.


This study content was adapted from chapter 8 of Dr. David Jeremiah’s book Everything You Need.