Season 1, Episode 4


David Todd and his friends head out to Lake Tahoe where they push their limits. Not only do they push through physical challenges, but they challenge themselves to completely unplug for the day and experience the blend of the forest and the lake before them. Once they get busy mountain biking, cliff jumping, and flying a water jetpack, they realize that true freedom comes from a focus that only comes from developing self-control.



What did you think of this “unplugged” adventure with the PASSAGES Crew? Going without their phones was weird at first. But without cell connection, they discovered a real connection with the world around them and each other they would have otherwise missed out on. This was made possible by a quality all of us need to carry with us more than our phones: self-control.

TOPIC: Self-Control
In Scripture, self-control is the skill of bringing your habits under the Holy Spirit’s control. It’s a mark of spiritual maturity. Synonymous with self-discipline, self-control is not only about the discipline to stop doing that which destroys us but also about the discipline to do the things that build us up.


2 Peter 1:5-6, Titus 2:11-14


This week, like the PASSAGES Crew, schedule a time with friends or family to completely unplug. Practice self-control by not looking to technology of any kind and enjoy the experience. Discuss afterward what it was like, why it was hard, or why it was refreshing.

If you want to make this more personal, embark on your own retreat completely unplugged. Block out all distractions and spend some alone time with God. Notice the beauty of nature or the quiet. Consider these questions for reflection: What habits do I have that I need to change? Where do I most need self-control? Time management? Daily devotions? Thought life? Maybe my tongue? What steps can I take today to be more self-disciplined, so I can accomplish more and reach higher goals?

And as you move on, consider making this a new habit in your day: set your smartphone to go off at 1:06pm (for 2 Peter 1:6) and spend a moment saying these words aloud: I will add to my knowledge, self-control.

Remember, through Jesus’ promises you have everything you need for a life of self-control. As you yield to Him, His power fills you to resist all temptations.


This study content was adapted from chapter 5 of Dr. David Jeremiah’s book Everything You Need.