Season 1, Episode 2


David Todd and a friend explore the breathtaking landscape of Alaska using almost every mode of transportation along the way. The two experience many of the great adventures Alaska is known for, including dog sledding, lumberjacking, and more. They use this as a chance to observe the diligence inherent in nature and connect it with the diligence required for their personal lives.

DILIGENCE discovered in ALASKA


Axe throwing, a helicopter ride to a sledding!? Crazy, right? This episode was full of high-octane adventures for the Passages Crew for sure! Towards the end, David Todd was amazed not only by these experiences but by the people who safely guided them. He knew it must have taken incredible diligence for each person to achieve such high levels of skill and expertise. Wouldn’t you agree?

TOPIC: Diligence

We know what it looks like to apply diligence in sports, business, or personal goals, but what does this look like spiritually?

Diligence is biblically defined as “pursuing God with your whole heart”. After reading 2 Peter 1:3-5, we can see that God has given us everything we need through His very great and precious promises, so we can live a truly godly life. So, for this very reason, we must diligently use the available resources and do our part.


Read and reflect on Colossians 3:23-24. What is God saying to you?


Think of what your life could look like if you were fully engaged in everything as unto the Lord. This is not a passive life. It’s the full throttle, fully committed life of diligence God calls believers to. And since He gives us everything we need to live this way, doesn’t it excite you to think of what your life might achieve for Him? Take a moment and ask yourself, “what is stopping me from pursuing God with my whole heart?” Then identify three steps you can start taking today to change that. Go for it! God has given you everything you need to make those changes today.

Take a moment to pray. Consider this as a model or use these words if you wish:

“God, I know none of us perfectly follow you with 100% diligence 100% of the time. For that I am sorry. But I also thank you for understanding that I can be honest with you and admit when my heart has grown away from You. And I admit that now. Please forgive me. Please help me figure out what is stopping me from pursuing You with my whole heart. Show me what steps I can take today to change that. Thank you for your forgiveness and for giving me everything I need to make those changes today. In Jesus’ name, amen!”


This study content was adapted from chapter 2 of Dr. David Jeremiah’s book Everything You Need.